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Life Assurance


A number of varied products are available in the market to suit ones personnel needs. We advice our clients on the policies available, company performance and stability, market trends, dividends or interest paid etc before a policy is obtained & when choosing an insurer.

A varied number of covers and policies could be obtained or designed on personnel requirements against natural and accidental death. These types of policies could also be extended as an investment tool with many clients now obtaining investment plans against there children’s education rather than the standard life policy of the past. Some of the extensions, which could be obtained, are submitted below.


• Life assurance
• Additional life
• Additional illness
• Critical Illness
• Spouse Life cover
• Hospitalization cover for the whole family
• Endowment Policies
• Retirement Plans
• Investment Plans
• Loan protection
• Child Education Plans
• Whole Life Policies
• Accidental life which includes Riot & Strike and terrorism